At BMS we offer Occupational Health Medicals. BMS has two advanced mobile units where we perform on-site medicals to reduce our clients downtime as well as a clinic at our offices in Cape Town where we facilitate smaller numbers and walk-ins.

Occupational Medicals

By conducting Occupational Medicals, an organization can ensure that all employees are in good health and fit for work. The benefit of Medical examinations include early detection of adverse health effects that can be monitored and addressed appropriately by the employer, which will essentially save the organization money. Occupational medicals can be done for Micro to Marco business from various industries. 


Employees must do a medical for certain occupations to create a baseline when they start and a medical when they stop working for the company


Certain medicals must be done on a annual basis to monitor employees health. There is medicals that must be done more frequantly.

Medical Exam


Vision Screen

Lung Function


Urine Test

X Ray

Drug Test

What is included in a physical examination?

During a physical examination, the OHN will determine specific underlying issues and will do various tests to see what the cause of the issues are. The following happens during a “standard” physical examination:

• Employee/Patient will sign a consent letter
• Complete family history questionnaire
• Complete other questionnaires (Working at Height, Food, Ect)
• Vision test (Snellen Chart)
• BMI Calculation (Height and Weight)
• Urine Screening (10 Panel)
• Blood Pressure Testing
• The OHN will listen to the heart and lungs.
• Reflex test
• Look at the eyes and hears.
• Ect

What medical do a construction person?

The construction medical is based on the exposure, the hazards and risks that the employee will be exposed to. The normal Annexure 3 medical will include a physical examination, audio screening, spirometry screening. Should the person be exposed to asbestos, then he/she will require a x-ray in order to be declared fit for work.

How long does it take to do an occupational medical?

The time it takes to conduct a medical is dependent on the type of medical that needs to be conducted on the employee/patient. The work exposure of the employee will determine what medical will be required. In a nutshell, with our modern equipment we are able to get the following average numbers:
Audio Screening: +-10Min
Vision Screening: +-10Min
Spirometry: +-5-10Min

The physical examination can be from 10min to 30min, all condition and exposure dependent.

How do you test for Noise Induce hearing loss?

NIHL is tested by an audiometry device that can be done in a soundproof booth or with modern booth-free equipment. The test result will be called PLH (Possible Loss of Hearing).

Can any nurse do occupational Medicals?

The only nurses that are allowed to declare a worker fit is a nurse that studied nursing and specialized in occupational health. The nurse should also be registered at SANC.

How do you know what medical should be done?

This is the most frequent question that clients asks us. The most accurate way to know what medicals should be done is to first do a hygiene survey.

During the Hygiene survey, the AIA Consultant will do various screenings in your workplace, based on the exposure that gets detected during the survey.

We can do a health risk assessment in the workplace to determine the exposures and to decide what medical types should be suitable for the workplace environment.

There are general conditions that require medicals.

The following are good examples:

• Drivers and Machine Operators

• Asbestos Exposure

• Construction workers

• Employees Working at height

• ect

Is Occupational Medical a legal requirement in South Africa?

Occupational Medical is a legal requirement in South Africa under Section 8 of the OHS act and specific regulations in the OHS Act will also stipulate what other types of medicals are required and what the frequency should be.

How often should Occupational Medicals be completed?


Every employee should undergo a baseline assessment, thereafter it’s all exposure and condition dependent. A certificate of fitness is only valid for 12 months. Therefore, if an individual works in an environment where there is a risk for health issues, then an annual assessment should be done. An individual should undergo a medical bi-annually if the person works in an environment where the noise exposure is greater than 105DB.

Baseline / Entry / Exit Medicals

NIHL is tested by an audiometry device that can be done in a sound proof booth or with modern booth-free equipment. The test result will be called PLH (Possible Loss of Hearing).

Food Safety
  • Physical Examination
  • Glucose Test (Urine Indication)
  • Key stone
  • Audiometry
  • Only When (Spirometry)
  • Food Handlers Questionnaires FOODSTUFS, COSMETICS AND IS INFECTANTS ACT,1972 11 (2) (b)(i)
Standard Construction
  • Physical Examination
  • Glucose Test (Urine Indication)
  • Audiometry
  • Only when (Spirometry)
  • Annexure 3 (Construction Regulation 7 (1) (g))
Driver Operator
  • Physical Examination
  •  Glucose Test (Standard)
  •  Audiometry
  •  Only when (Spirometry)
  • Construction Regulation 23 (d) (ii)
Agricultural Medical
  • Physical Examination
  • Glucose Test (Urine Indication)
  • Audiometry
  • Only when (Spirometry)
  • Hazardous Biological Agents8(1)
Mines Medical
  • Physical Examination
  • Glucose Test (Urine Indication)
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry