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Occupational Health Medicals

At BMS we offer Occupational Health Medicals. BMS has two advanced mobile units where we perform on site medicals to reduce our clients down time as well as a clinic at our offices in Cape Town where we facilitate smaller numbers and walk ins.

Pre-Employment Medical

Pre-Employment Medical

Prior to a person being employed in a particular role or being transferred to a different position, a medical examination is performed in order to assess the prospective employee’s suitability to the job. The job in question may require a certain level of physical and/or psychological capability from their employees, and this examination ensures the employee-to-be can meet these demands.

Annual/Periodic Medical Examination

Annual/Periodic Medical Examination

Ailments and diseases can occur due to long-term employment in a particular job. For the purpose of early detection, and thus limiting the effects, examinations are performed periodically. For many diseases, such as TB, early detection plays a crucial role in the OHNP’s ability to cure and prevent them spreading. The curing and monitoring of other conditions and non- communicable diseases, such as diabetes, epilepsy, and alcoholism, is also aided by early detection.

Exit Medical Examinations

Exit Medical Examinations

A medical examination is performed when a person’s employment comes to an end. This is done for the purpose of assessing whether they developed any conditions, diseases, or injuries, as a direct result of their employment. It is important to establish this as the employer may be liable to compensation claims.

Other Medicals

Other Medicals

BMS Performs all medicals requested by our Clients.

  • Annexure 3 Medicals
  • Working at Heights Medicals
  • SAMSA Medicals
  • Waste Management Medicals
  • Executive Medicals

South Africa has 661,211 confirmed cases.

590,071 have recovered while 15,953 have died.

Medical Screening

Medical Questionnaire

By asking the patient specific question with the purpose of obtaining information that is useful to formulate a possible medical diagnosis or enable our staff to inform the patient of medical warning signs.

Spirometry Screening

Spirometry test should be included in the annual test of an employee that is exposed to fumes, chemicals (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous) or dust.

Physical Examination

Urine Test, Blood Pressure, Rebex Testing, Vision (Snellen Chart) Breathing, Vital Signs, Otoscopic Examination of the ears.

Vision Screening

Our modern equipment allows us to do multiple screening test for patients that includes Snell Chart, Color Blind and Night Blind testing.

Audiometry Screening

BMS Health uses the state of the art R660 Audiometry equipment and the screening will be conducted in a mobile clinic on the clients site.

•Baseline Medical
•Every 12 Months if employee is exposed to DB higher than 85
•Every 6 Months if employee is exposed to DB higher than 105

Additional Services

  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • HIV counselling and testing
  • Family planning
  • Travel Medicine

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