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Why do a Risk Assessment?


In terms of Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer shall provide and maintain a safe working environment. Conceivably the first question a Department of Labour Inspector will ask when your premises is inspected.


Every employer has a moral duty towards the health and safety of the employees. A proper Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis isolates the areas where harm could be done to employees and other stakeholders in the business. It delivers guidance in the methods to be implemented to ensure effective protection.

Financial Saving:

Risk management serves a dual financial gain purpose to the employer, in that costs are saved in the implementation phases, unnecessary elements will not be purchased and implemented and secondly, operational costs can be reduced i.e. property damage and consumable waste can be reduced when implementing a proper risk control system.


Legal compliance is more than a luxury in a business, it is as the name says a legal requirement, therefore a minimum requirement. All companies in South Africa must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It doesn't matter what type of business you operate, in simple terms it is only the level of compliance that will be different. BMS assists companies in becoming legally compliant by providing the following:

  • OHS Act Legal Compliance Audit

  • Implement a Health and Safety system that is compliant with South African OHS legislation

  • Formal and induction training to all employees

  • Risk Assessments

1. Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

The Gap analysis conducted by BMS will measure every element of your organisation. The report will highlight areas where the company might be at risk.

2. Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

BMS performs and identifies all operational hazards and risks in your routine and non-routine work process. This will give you a good indication of the level of exposure.

3. Implement SHEQ System

SHEQ System

Implementing the correct system is vital. There is no one-size fits all systems, therefore we tailor each system for the organisations requirements.

4. Training


Our experienced facilitators will training employees and role-players in all the required subjects.

5. Maintain


Assisting our clients in maintaining their SHEQ systems and continuously do risk assessments and audits to look for areas where improvement is required.

6. Audit


The BMS Legal Compliance audit tests systems against more than 5000 legal compliance elements.


The BMS Legal Compliance Audit is the ultimate benchmark test against all applicable Health and Safety Legislation. This legal compliance audit is ideally performed once a business has an established SHEQ Management System and needs to test the level of compliance against a set standard. Alternatively, it provides guidance on improvement needs and ensures capital invested accuracy. The BMS Legal Compliance audit not only provides and identifies the non- compliance, it includes corrective measures, recommendations and prioritising the non-compliance on how to effectively establish legal compliance. Systems are tested against more than 5000 legal compliance elements.


Planning for emergencies requires a vast input that ranges from legislation to municipal by-laws. The essence of an emergency plan should address all legal requirements and above that be a custom fit for the emergencies the organisation faces. A full analysis with supportive documents and competence is delivered as well as assistance in developing the emergency compliance in the workplace such as emergency escape routes and placement of emergency equipment.

BMS consultants are comprehensively trained to provide professional assistance in the design of emergency plans and routes.

Emergency Drill

Safe and rapid evacuation is the objective of any emergency plan and for that reason emergency drills are extremely important. It is accepted that emergency drills are to be conducted on a bi-annual basis. To have an evacuation plan that is deemed effective the availability of key players such as Evacuation Marshals, Health and Safety Representatives, First Aiders and Fire Fighters are some of the important role players in effective evacuations. The cognitive skills and emergency discipline of these members require special attention.

BMS caters for all of the emergency role players, development and training. We assist with the legal appointment of these role players and provide emergency drill effectiveness analysis to our clients.

Construction Safety

Construction work can be dangerous! Due to uncontrolled and non-routine environments, the incident and failures occur frequently, resulting in number offatalities. Daily construction failures on news coverage are now almost the norm.

Employers and construction management need to focused attention on the areas in their respective construction operations, where a massive loss could be detrimental to effective future business operations. It is a dire need to entrust construction compliance to a reputable and competent OHS consultant. In not doing so the employer is faced with severe risks. Massive OHS capital inputs are made on each project without positive OHS growth in the company. On completion of a project OHS is zeroed, leaving the business without any OHS assets. There is no business sense in this approach, a reputable consultant will guide the financial input towards OHS Asset growth, resulting in a business that becomes self-sustainable in the OHS science with the exact needed OHS assets employed.

BMS establishes positive growth partnerships with our clients, increasing internal competence and capabilities with state of the art Construction Compliance Systems.

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