SHEQ24 Software

SHEQ 24 software , developed as a result of identifying and acknowledging issues in the SHEQF industry, delivering methods of how software can overcome and eliminate those existing critical SHEQF issues. Our specialist team worked together with specialists employed by companies in the health and safety, environmental, and quality and food safety sciences to understand the critical operational and management issues. We are based in South Africa resulting in ease and effective  software support .


Businesses are operating in “the information age”. More and more companies are moving towards a dashboard approach, having real-time information available, assisting them in making effective business decisions. SHEQ 24 is not a financial nor a sales software solution but what it does impacts 100% on the bottom line when properly implemented.

Real Time Information

  • User performance
  • Incident statistics
  • Non-Conformance statistics
  • Asset Performance (Breakdowns)
  • Defects and rejects
  • Waste steams
  • Customer Complaints
  • Inspections Compliance
  • Training Matrix Compliance
  • Risk Dashboards
  • Document change requirements
  • Year planners

Risk Management

Incidents Management


Record Management

Asset Management

Legal Appointments

Contractor Controller

Surveys Management


Non conformance

Document Control

Training Management

Medicals Management

PPE Management

Corrective Action

Online Audits

Supplier Management

Context of Org

Online Inspection

Compliance Manager

Document Management

Partnering with one of the most reputable food safety companies in South Africa resulted in developing a document control system able to deliver the following:

1.Upload documents
2.Approval system
5.Inform via e-mail if there is a document change
6.Print permissions
7.Fail proof record management system
8.Link documents to assets, occupation, department, standard
9.Build a document map
10.Linking documents to the training matrix, when revising a document such as a SOP and content changes are so radical that training is required, the system will automatically update the training compliance and need status.

Risk Approach

  • Risk based thinking is a process of continual analysis of all processes, sub-processes, support functions, and steps within a process.SHEQ24 software support this approach, providingthe userthe freedom to create organisational specific risk assessment criteria, aimed to deliver true risk assessment results.
  • An unacceptable risk should have a control designed and implemented to mitigate that risk to an acceptable level. SHEQ24 software ensures that all those controls are monitored closely with positive proof that the controls are active and effective
  • Modern ISO Management requirements are all about identifying opportunities for improving the company, processes, and support systems to reduce risks. SHEQ24 software provide a platform to identifythose opportunities, enhance visibility of all the opportunities, and the means to take action in achieving positive results.

Training & Competence

  • The First Question : Did you know that  normally the first question in an investigation is:“Was the person trained in his/her duties?”  Followed by: “Do you have evidence?”
  • The Importance: Lack of training and awareness are one of the leading causes of financial loss in a company.

  • Simplified: SHEQ24 software empower the user to create critical training requirements and list those courses linked to these requirements. The courses is linked to occupations, departments, critical task, or legal appointments, resulting in a live training and competence matrix. Once completed the employees that are linked to the matrix will display ‘non compliant’ until such evidence is provided of attending and completing the training. Once the certificate or evidence reached the expiry date, a notification email will be generated by the system towards the responsible manager.  It will also be visible on the dashboard, indicating that training management isn’t complaint.
Compliance Management

Our first objective is to provide the capabilities for our clients to establish effective compliance with their applicable standards and legal requirements.

Management Awareness

The trend analysis, via our capable dashboards,provide real time information to the management team. Allowing them to have a constant situational performance awareness of management system and overall company process performance.  The trend analysis provides critical information to enable continual systems improvement.


Any issue that occur in the company must be addressed comprehensively to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, that a reoccurrence is prevented.

Financial Saving

Any resource acquired andused in a process of the company, is there for one purpose only and that is to support and maintain bottom-line growth. We fully acknowledgethis, and therefore we are determined to  deliver software solutions that contribute positively towards financial growth.

Standards & Legal 

What you can manage with SHEQ 24

  • ISO 9001:Quality

  • ISO 45001: OHS

  • ISO 14001: Environment

  • ISO 22001:Food

  • BRC : Food

  • FSSC22000 : Food

  • OHS Legal

  • Environmental Legal

Local Support

Our development team is in Cape Town and we have consultants in Gauteng.

Cloud Base

You don’t have to buy expensive servers. The software is cloud base and work on all devices with internet access


We don’t charge per user, we only bill the company per month

Easy to Use

Our first goal is to make sure the software is easy to use. We know that the users of the system might not be computer literate